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FABY was founded in 2013 by the family Viale in Italy and it is professional manicure brand that respects the environment and your health highly valued. When the brand came on the market, it mainly wanted to distinguish itself from other professional nail polish brands and made innovation a top priority. For the creation of its products, the brand relies on a vegan and anti-cruel concept, without the professional manicure and pedicure products in terms of quality. Thanks to its new formula, without harmful materials, the nail polish line of the Italian brand is not only striking for her impressive colour palette.

Faby Values

100% VEGAN

FABY products do not contain ingredients of animal origin. On the contrary, the products are rich in natural ingredients to give the nails and skin of the hands and feet the best of it what nature has to offer.


For FABY, love for the planet means taking care of all beings who live on this. That’s why FABY products are never used on animals tested.


Respect for the professional and for the nail is integral part of FABY’s philosophy. That is why FABY has an innovative one formula introduced, free from the 10 most harmful substances: DBP(dibutyl phthalate), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Kampfer, Formaldehyde Resin, Ethyl Tosylamide, TPHP (Triphenyl Phosphate), Acetone, Parabens and Lead


FABY hand and foot care are completely free of parabens and petroleum derivatives (waste from the oil industry). They contain so no carcinogenic ingredients or irritants ingredients that clog the pores and are not organic are degradable.


All the nail polishes are 100% HALAL and therefore meet the Islamic standards guidelines! For FABY this means that the nail polish does not contain alcohol or contains animal ingredients such as lanolin. The nail polish is also permeable to water and therefore does not hinder the Wudu.